With the launch of AWS Ground Station, satellite ownership and maintenance is suddenly accessible to nearly anyone who can build a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite. Those who want satellites are less limited to cubesats or nanosats; command and control is feasible, which means that almost anything can be built.

Q: But who's going to fly it?

A: I will.

With nearly 20 years of experience in satellite and spacecraft operations, I have the experience and expertise you need for mission design and leadership, Launch and Early Operations (LEOPS), establishing Standard Operating Procedures, and more – without the need to build and staff a large control center for one or two satellites.

I can provide:

  • Mission design and leadership
  • Spacecraft design optimization
  • Operational design and implementation
  • Operations migration to AWS
  • Spacecraft flight engineering
  • Ground Station LEO (Low Earth Orbit) flight operations
  • Anomaly and incident response
  • Documentation, analysis, remediation, and prevention of anomalies
  • Procedure and shell scripting
  • Testing
  • Technical writing
  • Requirements definition
  • Training

Contact me at satcat@protonmail.com to get off the ground. Short-term contracts and hourly rates available.

If you can build it, I can fly it.